The ACSM Risk Stratification Screening

Based on the ACSM Risk Stratification Screening form and 1) identify (mark) risk factors each case has (either positive or negative point), 2) identify what risk stratification category in each case (i.e., low, moderate, and high), and 3) what is your pre-exercise testing recommendation for the client (doctor is needed or not needed during maximal/submaximal pre-exercise test)?

CASE STUDY 1 • A. A is a 38-year-old male sales representative • 5’3”, weight 185 lbs (calculate BMI) • Blood pressure = 150/80 mmHg • Cholesterol = 245 • He volunteers his time as an emergency medical technician on an ambulance crew, which necessitates responding to calls at odd hours. • Smokes recreationally • His father had a double bypass at age 62, and his sister has type II diabetes


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