The delivery of a term infant

A respiratory therapist is called to attend the delivery of a term infant. The mother has had no prenatal care and reports that her “water broke” several days ago. Immediately following vaginal delivery, the infant was placed on a preheated radiant warmer and dried with warmed towels. The infant was placed in a sniffing position and assessed. The following data are available at 1 minute of age:
Respiratory rate: 15 breaths per minute, with weak, irregular effort
Color: Pale, with central cyanosis
Response to stimuli: Grimace
Muscle tone: Limp
Heart rate: 97 beats per minute


1. Which of the following should the respiratory therapist do first?
a. Provide 100% free-flow oxygen
b. Intubate the trachea
c. Provide bag-mask ventilation
d. Initiate chest compressions

2. What is the 1-minute Apgar score?
a. 0
b. 1
c. 3
d. 5

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