The development of diseases or the state of wellness and health

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The development of diseases or the state of wellness and health are influenced by social, economic, environmental, and demographic factors of a population. As such, population statistics play a major role in determining the health status of a community or the distribution of diseases within that community. You are the public health officer or health care administrator in charge of finding a prevention and intervention program to address public health issues in your community. You have been asked by your supervisor to create a report on the public health issue that you will be working for.

Based on your findings, express your views on the following in regards to Community is Hampton Roads Area or Virginia

What are the health problems or issues currently impacting your community?
What is the demographic data of your community as given on the U.S. Census Bureau website?
According to the data related to morbidity, mortality, and prevalence, what are the incidence rates of the diseases in your community?
What are the health care requirements of the community?

How do you plan to assist in the prevention and intervention programs of your community?



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