Describe the difference between hypochondriasis and conversion disorder

Describe the difference between hypochondriasis and conversion disorder. Hypochondriasis is described as an anxious, internalizing disturbance whereas somatization disorder is a dramatic, externalizing disorder. As we have seen, there is evidence from clinical observation and case series of differences in sex ratio and clinical manifestations, especially illness behavior.

According to DSM-IV, somatization disorder has a specified number and type of somatic symptoms, where- as hypochondriasis is characterized by abnormal atti- tudes and beliefs about illness [16] . The criteria for hypo- chondriasis mention bodily symptoms but do not indi- cate what these might be.
What is the difference between conversion disorder and somatic symptom disorder?
While people with conversion disorder frequently experience depression or anxiety, excessive worrying and distress about the physical symptoms aren’t part of the diagnosis for conversion disorder. In contrast, excessive concern about physical symptoms is the main part of the diagnosis of somatic symptom disorder.
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