The Emergency Department for temperature

An 8-year male is brought to the Emergency Department for temperature of 105 F and extreme lethargy. The child complains of a sore throat, severe headache, and severe body aches.

The parents state the child went to bed in a healthy condition but woke during the night with a temperature of 102.

The child has no other significant medical history. The parents do not believe in vaccinations and home school their children.

They have one other child at home who has asthma. The patient is diagnosed with influenza and the plan is to admit to the pediatric intensive care unit.

The nurse returns to the patient to prepare for transfer to PICU and hears the UAP telling the parents they are smart not to vaccinate their children because it caused his son to have autism.

State if you disagree or agree with their discussion points with rationale supported by current evidence.

Make sure to include a meaningful open-ended question that facilitates further discussion.

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