The immunologic recognition of foreign blood type

Except for the immunologic recognition of foreign blood types, all immunological memory must be acquired. Acquisition may be through natural or attificial methods. The diagran below shows how the various exposures to the pathogen can be classified. Consider the following descriptions or situations and assign one numbered option to each acquired immunity category (blanks by the side of the image). answers go here

Patrons at restaurants are directed to receive gamma globulin injections when cooks, servers, or help are discovered to have hepatitis.
Most teachers note that early in their careers they often suffer from colds (viral rhinitis), but after 10 or so years “catching a cold” becomes very infrequent.
Joan got her baby on formula as soon as possible and then went back to work while Kristine took an extended leave to nurse and nurture her baby personally. Joan wondered why her baby was sick so oflen.
Until it was discontinued by the US Public Health Service, the only cases of polio in the United States during the 1990 ‘s were in people who had received the oral polio vaccine (OVP).

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