The principle of charity

Question 1 Which of the following can be in logical arguments? Questions Normative statements Fragment Imperative statements

Question 2 What is the role that evidence could play in constructing logical arguments? Evidence is the conclusion(s) we draw from premises. Evidence gives support to a premise or conclusion. Evidence means our opinions are logically valid. Evidence doesn’t play a role.

Question 3 What role does the principle of charity play in argument reconstruction? It tells us to assume the best intentions from those around us. It tells us to do our best to make the argument valid or strong. It tells us to treat others as we wish to be treated. It tells us to make hidden premises as controversial as possible.

Question 4 What is it called when premises describe why the conclusion is true? Normative argument Simple argument Complex argument Explanation argument

Question 5 Which of the following statements about invalidity is true? The premises don’t follow the conclusion. Invalidity is when you can’t find a counterexample. The conclusion follows from the premises. Counterexamples are proof of invalidity.

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