The software development lifecycle

Programming Languages (a) Software design is an important process in the software development lifecycle. However, a lot of software developer/house tends to ignore the process. Therefore, provide and explain 2 motivations for software design
b)Two major activities of the software design process include Software Architecture and Detailed Design. Demonstrate how these two activities are being executed.
(1) Do you design software when you “write” a program? What makes software design different from coding?
(2) What is the goal of software design? What would be different if developers went straight to coding without adhering to software design  Suppose that the target virtual machine is stack-oriented and that the stack elements are integer values, and addresses can be stored as integers. Explain which other features are required in such a virtual machine. Invent a simple language of instructions for such a machine and show how it would be used to implement each of the expressions. [10 marks] (c) Suppose that the following rules are proposed as possible optimizations to be implemented in your compiler. expression simplifies to expression (fst e, snd e) → e fst (e1, e2) → e1 snd (e1, e2) → e2

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