The weakest stimulus from a nerve fiber

The weakest stimulus from a nerve fiber that will initiate contraction is known as the: O sub minimal stimulus maximal stimulus minimal stimulus supramaximal stimulus submaximal stimulus QUESTION 21 Muscle hypertrophy results from increased: O increased numbers of muscle fibers increased number of motor units increased production of contractile proteins a & b b&c Aneers to save all answers. QUESTION 23 In decreasing order of size, muscle is made up of: O muscle fibers, myofibrils, myofilaments Omyofibrils, sarcomeres, myofilaments O muscle fibers, myofilaments, myofibrils O myofibrils, myofilaments, fascicles Oa and b QUESTION 24 Muscle cells deprived of oxygen cannot form any ATP. O True O False

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