What must eukaryotes do to initiate transcription of a gene?

1) What must eukaryotes do to initiate transcription of a gene?
a) Bind RNA Polymerase to displace histone proteins that binding DNA in the promoter region.
b)Recruit general transcription factors to produce an open complex and then recruit RNA Polymerase.
c)Recruit the transcription factors and RNA Polymerase that compose the pre-initiation complex.
d)Open the DNA template and then bind RNA Polymerase at the transcriptional initiation site.
e) Bind transcription factors from enhancer sequences to the RNA Polymerase.

What are two distinguishing features of RNA?

a)RNA forms a double helix of reverse complementary strands.
b)RNA contains phophodiester bonds as part of its sugar backbone.
c)RNA contains a methylated form of thymine.
d)RNA has a ribose sugar and uracil nitrogenous base.
e)RNA contains a pyrophosphate group bound to the ribose.

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