Turner Syndrome

Create a presentation to share with the class covering the basics of Turner Syndrome. Your presentation must be in PowerPoint format and should be about 5 minutes long. Remember to use your PowerPoint as an outline for your presentation, not a script. Your power point should contain graphics and limited text to guide the audience through your disorder discussion.

Include the following:

  1. Discuss a genetic disorder and how it is passed down from generation to generation.
  2. The name of your genetic disorder
  3. Pattern of inheritance – Is this disorder dominant/recessive/sex-linked/autosomal?
  4. Give the genetic disorder’s genotype. Example: Trisomony on the 21st chromosome.
  5. List the symptoms and what happens to you if you have this genetic disorder?
  6. Phenotype of disorder.
  7. Describe the defect that the disorder causes.
  8. Is there now, or was there ever a benefit to this genetic disorder?
  9. What may cause this genetic disorder? Mutation, radiation, etc.
  10. Is there any treatment, cures, or light-altering measures for this genetic disorder? Ex: special diets, medications, exercise – to survive this condition?
  11. Are certain people more likely to produce children with this genetic disorder?
  12. Frequency among human births.
  13. Is this disorder specific to a certain country or climate? If so, describe.
  14. Add any additional information relevant to your chosen disorder.

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