Diagnosed Type 2 diabetes

You are an Enrolled nurse working in primary health care. A new referral to your clinic, Mr. McFarlane, has recently been diagnosed Type 2 diabetes.

As part of your role, you are working with a Registered Nurse to assess the client and develop a care plan appropriate for the client with both short- and long-term objectives and goals.



Character Briefs:

Mr. George McFarlane. Male aged 53 years. Married for 5 years with 3 children.

Mr. McFarlane’s background includes:

  • Second marriage – first wife died of cancer 8 years previously
  • Occupation – Long haul truck driver
  • Earns good money
  • Away from home a lot – not there to support the family
  • Overweight – 135kg
  • Hypertension
  • Uses watching television and beer to cope with stress
  • Smoker
  • Diet preferences are Australian. Often has a poor diet when on the road for work including ‘fatty food from truck stops’
  • Has a 26-year-old son from his first marriage who has severe depression and uses illicit drugs, he visits on occasion (very disruptive when he does visit)
  • Unknown social support and external interests
  • Has osteoarthritis in (L) knee
  • Reliant on their wife, Yu Yang does all domestic duties as he is not self-sufficient.

Mrs. Yu Yang McFarlane is Mr. McFarlane’s wife. She is 38 years old.

Mrs. McFarlane’s background includes:

  • Came to Australia as a university student
  • Fell pregnant at the age of 19 – did not marry
  • Married George 5 years ago
  • Has 3-year-old twins at home
  • One twin has a developmental disorder
  • The English language is good
  • Was/Is isolated with no extended family
  • Her issues will be those of isolated immigrant
  • Prefers to cook Asian food
  • Needed help with raising a child and so she invited her Chinese mother to come to Australia to help out
  • Needed help with raising a child and invited a Chinese mother to Australia to help out



1. Mr. McFarlane has recently been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. Discuss the pathophysiology of Type 2 diabetes.

Include in your response:

  1. Your understanding of Type 2 diabetes
  2. Possible causes of Type 2 diabetes
  3. Possible risk factors for Mr. McFarlane

2. Discuss the difference between Type 1, Type 2, and gestational diabetes.

Include in your response:

  • anatomy, physiology, and pathophysiology of each type

3. Consider each of the following potential problems associated with diabetes:

  1. hypoglycemia
  2. hyperglycemia
  3. ketoacidosis
  4. Hyperosmolar non-ketonic coma

4.  Discuss your understanding of each of these potential problems.

Include in your response:

  1. Signs and symptoms of each potential problem
  2. What assessments/ examinations would determine if the client is suffering from the potential problem
  3. Possible treatment options including any emergency care required
  4. nursing care of a client



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