Violence against healthcare workers

Make a fact sheet about a violence-related topic of your choosing. Example topics include: bullying, suicide, domestic violence, violence against healthcare workers, gun violence, or child maltreatment.

A fact sheet is a document that gives a lay audience “the basics” about your chosen issue. Attached is an example fact sheet about youth violence.

Your fact sheet should contain the following components:

  • Prevalence of the problem (25 points)
  • Risk/Protective factors (25 points)
  • Prevention strategies and/or resources to get help (25 points)
  • References/Bibliography (10 points)
  • Creativity (15 points)

*Remember, this fact sheet is meant to appeal to the public, so make it appealing! Use your creativity to make it look visually interesting. You should also think about your audience – is the fact sheet meant for children, parents, students, single adults, veterans? Some students also find it helpful to focus on a specific area. For example, domestic violence in Baltimore. That way you can provide information about local resources where victims could get help. Submit this assignment as a Word or PDF document.

Here is a great example of a fact sheet:

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