Weight loss in young adults

Use our article to answer the following questions. Stephens J. D, Yager, A. M, & Allen J. (2017). Smartphone technology and text messaging for weight loss in young adults: A randomized controlled trial. Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing32(1), 39-46.

Guidelines for Critiquing Statistical Analyses

1. Did the descriptive statistics in the report sufficiently describe the major variables and background characteristics of the sample? Were appropriate descriptive statistics used—for example, was a mean presented when percentages would have been more informative?

2. Were statistical analyses undertaken to assess threats to the study’s validity (e.g., to test for selection bias or attrition bias)?

3. Did the researchers report any inferential statistics? If inferential statistics were not used, should they have been?

4. Was information provided about both hypothesis testing and parameter estimation (i.e., confidence intervals)? Were effect sizes reported? Overall, did the reported statistics provide readers with sufficient information about the study results?

5. Were any multivariate procedures used? If not, should they have been used—for example, would the internal validity of the study be strengthened by statistically controlling confounding variables?

6. Were the selected statistical tests appropriate, given the level of measurement of the variables and the nature of the hypotheses?

7. Were the results of any statistical tests significant? What do the tests tell you about the plausibility of the research hypotheses? Were effects sizeable?

8. Were the results of any statistical tests nonsignificant? Is it possible that these reflect Type II errors? What factors might have undermined the study’s statistical conclusion validity?

9. Was information about the reliability and validity of measures reported? Did the researchers use measures with good measurement properties?

10.Was there an appropriate amount of statistical information? Were findings clearly and logically organized? Were tables or figures used judiciously to summarize large amounts of statistical information? Are the tables clear, with good titles and row/column labels?

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