Williams Syndrome

The assignment focuses on children who are growing up with Williams Syndrome. This is a little-known disorder that is in some ways the “opposite” of autism.  These children have highly developed language skills and are often very social, but they struggle with many other cognitive tasks.

First, watch the following video clip: (sorry-you have to watch a brief ad!)

Williams: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gF4DiqEdN3w

(try using Chrome for best viewing results)

Then, write down at least 3 things you found interesting from the clip (include some detail about each).

Next, find recent general information about Williams Syndrome by finding sources through Google.

In your own words, summarize at least 2 recent sources (each summary needs to be at least (more is good!) four full sentences -just to give you an idea of expectation- include some detail) about Williams and include the complete citation for the sources at the beginning of each summary. (So if you find a VERY brief source- that will not work for this assignment).

Now, connect the information you have learned about Williams Syndrome to something (can be a more general concept) from the textbook or PPs for CH. 3.  Give detail from the  PPs or text to make your connection clear.

Finally, tell me how things are going for you in the course so far (include any questions or concerns).

20 points total

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