The video clip “Wombs for Rent”

After viewing the video clip “Wombs for Rent” respond the following questions while considering all of the implications: What was your initial reaction to the topic of surrogacy? Did it change after watching the videos?
2.  Is it ethical for a woman to be used as “human incubator”?  Why or why not?
3.  One of the video’s mentions ” the business of surrogacy”  should this be a business ? Why or why not ?
4. What if the biological material is not solely that of contracting mother and her partner.  Does this affect the birth mothers’ rights?
5. What If  complications arise during the pregnancy. Are the contracting parents responsible?  What if it is a long term or permanent issue?
6. If the child is born with a disability or health issue, can the contracting parents refuse to accept the child?  How do we protect this innocent child?

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