Why have there been no Great Women artists?

Why have there been no great women artists? Does art created by women look different that art created by men? In what way(s)? The great writer Linda Nochlin asked the same questions when she wrote her famous article in 1971 titled Why Have There Been no Great Women Artists?


  1. Is there such a thing as “women’s art”?
  2. What is your response to the claim that women have insights into certain experiences (such as childbirth) which are inaccessible to men, and that their art will or can reflect these unique female experiences?
  3. To what extent do you feel hampered by female stereotypes and preconceived ideas of women’s artistic abilities?
  4. To what extent does a woman artist have to “prove herself” more than a male artist does in order to receive recognition?
  5. Why have there been no great women artists?
  6. How, in general, would you describe the attitude of male artists toward female artists? Is there a bias?
  7. Is there a relationship between the artistic occupation and social class?
  8. Describe the feminist action towards why there have been no great women artists spoken about in the article.

Here are the links for full article and some other links for assistance with the article itself:

Nochlin-Linda_Why-Have-There-Been-No-Great-Women-Artists.pdf Download Nochlin-Linda_Why-Have-There-Been-No-Great-Women-Artists.pdf

Prezi Presentation: Why Have There Been no Great Women Artists (Links to an external site.)

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