Aging and Mental Health

Module 2: Aging and Mental Health ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Module Overview: Nurses in any area of specialty practice have to be cognizant of the legal and ethical aspects of their practice. This is of special importance when dealing with gerontological patients because of their high prevalence of frailty, not only physically but also mentally. Acting as an advocate for the rights and well-being of the patient ensures a high quality of life for the remaining years of the patient’s life. Module Objectives: The student will be able to: 1 . Recognize the importance of mental and emotional health for successful aging. 2. Identify assessments and interventions for patients with Alzheimer’s/vascular dementia. 3. Identify assessments and interventions for patients with delirium. 4. Describe the symptoms and care of the older person with depression. 5. Describe interventions to reduce anxiety in older adults. 6. Define and apply medications related to the care of AD/Delirium/depression and agitation. 7. Describe medications used in the older population according to the " Beers Criteria".

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