Person-centered care and harm minimization strategies

Case Study;

Am a support worker in a homeless service that values person-centered care and harm minimization strategies. The service provides short-term (up to two weeks) accommodation and, in addition, provides direct case management services to people experiencing homelessness. My primary job is to support people to locate stable and long-term accommodation.

Casey is 17 years old and has lived on the streets for the past 12 months. She was thrown out of the home when she told her parents that she was gay.

Casey suffers from anxiety, regularly uses marijuana, tobacco, and alcohol, and occasionally smokes ‘crystal’ (methamphetamine). She has come to your service to seek assistance.


1. Explain what harm reduction strategies you would use with Casey.

2. Describe the category/categories of the drug/drugs Casey is using (e.g. depressant).

3. Describe your values that are relevant to this case study, and how they could influence your work with Casey.

4. Identify a service you could refer Casey to and write a referral for her (up to 300 words).

5. Identify how you would document and store Casey’s assessment and referral information according to confidentiality requirements.

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