Sustaining burns to her Anterior right left arms

N. P. Nairbmac, a 28-year old female, is brought in to the ED after sustaining burns to her anterior right left arms, abdomen, chest, and neck due to an explosion while deep frying a turkey in her garage. She is currently unresponsive and was intubated and bagged by EMS (paramedics).

For the most part, the anterior portion of her shirt has burned away but some sections, wrists 8: pubic area, are singed but intact.

Her pants remain unaffected. 1. What priority assessments are required by the nurse upon arrival to ED? /4 2. What signs and symptoms could the nurse expect if the client sustained inhalation injuries? / 6 The team arrives and the client is switched to a mechanical ventilator, her clothes are cut away and quick assessment determines that her burns involve the epidermal 8: dermal layers. The nurse initiates 2 large— bore IV’s and obtains her VS, Ht.,

8: Wt. 126 6 118/76 100% Mech. Vent Undetermined 5 7 156.2 lb 3. How will NP’s burns be classified? How do you know? / 2 4. What is the rationale for NP being intubated and placed on a mechanical ventilator? / 2 5. Using the Rule of Nines, calculate the % of TBSA. / 2 6. Using the Parkland Formula; (Show your work) /8 a.

Calculate the total amount of fluid the client will receive over 24 hours. / 2 b. How much will be delivered every 8 hours? /3 c. What is the hourly rate being given via 11an (round as pumps cannot give .ml) every 8 hours? / 3

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