The Nurse’s morning progresses

Three days after admission, the floor is 3 nurses short. Mr. Iacitcarp is assigned a newly graduated nurse and as the nurse’s morning progresses, the nurse falls behind and is still trying to administer morning meds at 10:30 am. The nurse SBI’VBI’ outside of his room is out of insulin syringes and the nurse decides to use a TB syringe, drawing up Apridra to the 1 ml mark. Prior to administering the insulin, she has it double-checked by another nurse. The second nurse gasps and is astounded that the new grad chose to use a TB syringe. 13 14. 15. 16. 17. . How many units of insulin could the new grad have potentially given? /1 What adverse event could have occurred if that much insulin would have been given? / 2 What are the signs and symptoms of hypoglycemia to watch for after giving insulin? /8 What is the treatment for someone who is alert vs someone who is non-responsive when in a hypoglycemic state? Provide an example/4 What education does the nurse provide to Mr. Lacitcarp’s regarding DM and wound prevention upon discharge? / 6 (/3 DM 8: l3 Wound Prevention) 18. Develop a care plan for Esrun. /15 Bonus a. Can be actual or potential b. Blank template with instructions & marking scheme is below Mark: Nur sing Diagnosis / 3 2 1 (Minimum of 12 _ . . (Goal Met highlight relevant statement format interventions — numerate th m 1 ) with data or 0 marks) them please) e P ease reasoning)

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