Healthy Body mass index

Case Study Maria: Maria is 52 years old, has a healthy body mass index, and does not have any health problems. She prides herself on her knowledge of holistic treatments and goes to the doctor only when her attempts to treat herself fail.

She occasionally takes one aspirin a day because she has heard that it can prevent heart attacks. She tries to eat a healthy diet and uses supplements to give her added protection against chronic diseases, especially heart disease, which runs in her family.

Currently, she takes turmeric, garlic, and fish oil supplements to keep her blood thin. She routinely drinks omega-3-fortified orange juice.

She attributes the bruises on her legs to being clumsy. She is thinking about adding vitamin E to her regimen because she heard it may also lower the risk of heart disease by thinning the blood. She is thinking about discontinuing her use of garlic pills and fish oil supplements and eating more garlic and fish in her diet instead. 1. What are the dangers of her present regimen?

2. What may be responsible for the bruising she is experiencing? 3.What would you tell Maria about the use of supplements in general? About the types and combination of supplements she is currently using? 4.What specific changes would you suggest she make?

(Provide at least 3 changes with supporting rationale for each) 5.What would you tell her about using juice fortified with omega-37

6.Is it safer for Maria to eat more garlic and fish instead of taking them as supplements? Is it as effective as taking them as supplements?

7. Could she overdose on garlic and fish oil from food? Why or Why not? B.What questions would you ask about her diet to see if there are any improvements in her eating habits, she could make to reduce the risk of heart disease? (Include at least 3 with supporting rationale for each).

Resources: (Formatted in APA. Use in-text citations for all information taken from each reference.)

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