Intractable back pain

52 y/o female, K, presents to ER with intractable back pain and bilat leg weakness x 1 week. She has not seen a doctor in over 10 years and has no known PMH, surgical history, nor does she  take any medicine. She states 3 months ago she was flipping a mattress and felt something “pop”
in her back. Since then, she has had intermittent low back pain that she applied heat to. Last
week, however, her back pain became severe and she got to the point that she could not get out
of bed due to the pain. She then noticed a progressive weakness in her legs bilateral. She initially
refused to be taken to the ER but eventually relented to the requests of her husband and two
grown sons. She was seen in ER, given 4 mg morphine IV, labs and CT were ordered. Results
are below.
CBC significant for Hgb 7.2, Hct 25.2, WBC 18.1

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