Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

Scenario: As a nurse, you can have a strong influence on health promotion and disease prevention in the patients you encounter in your care settings. Think about ways in which you use health promotion and disease prevention education in the care setting that you currently work. (Note: If you are not currently working, consider a previous nursing position that you have held or a clinical experience that you had at a particular health care organization in which you performed health promotion and disease prevention education.)

In your response, address the following questions:

  • Determine one health promotion or disease prevention strategy that you have utilized (whether individually or as part of a team of health care providers). Provide evidence from at least two professional sources that support this strategy.
  • What were the components of this strategy? What considerations did you take in planning the strategy? Were there any barriers to the implementation of the strategy?
  • How did you evaluate the effectiveness of this strategy once it was implemented?
  • Was the strategy effective? If so, explain how you evaluated the effectiveness. If not, discuss what was done to make improvements to the plan.

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