The Structure and Function of the Human Body

compare the structure and function of the human body across the lifespan.  What understanding of the changes that occur can help someone understand this process?

2.  Describe how a testicular self-examination should be performed. Look at the example on this week’s assignment page; please use this as a guide to your explanation.

3.  Describe the purpose of the vas deferens and state the purpose of severing the vas deferens.

4.  List several symptoms of BPH and explain why the symptoms occur.

5.  Name and describe the blood test that is helpful in diagnoses prostatic cancer.

6.  At what PSA level does the provider consider the possibility that the patient may have cancer of the prostate?

7.  Explain why BPH is more common in men aged 50 and older.

8.  What age group is afflicted by testicular cancer, and how can the patient take action to detect it?

9.  How is a rectal examination on a patient useful to the provider in determining a diagnosis for a patient who has nocturia?

10.  Using a reliable web site -Discover two other diseases of the male reproductive system-you may not use any diseases of disorders named in the questions above.

11.  Case study :  Mr. Jones, a 75 year-old patient has just been diagnosed with prostatic cancer. The provider has explained what is to be expected, but Mr. Jones is upset and asks you for your help in understanding the disease and treatment. How will you help him?


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