Advanced evidence-based Innovation in nursing practice

I am working on a paper WGU D031 advanced evidence-based innovation in nursing practice.  The section I am working on is Demographics.

Here is what I wrote:


The American Cancer Society (ACS) estimates that approximately 87 new cancers are diagnosed each day in Greenville. The five most common cancers in the area are lung with 331 new cases, breast with 409 new cases, prostate with 311 new cases, pancreatic with 76 new cases, and colon with 41 new cases diagnosed in 2020. Of this new cancer diagnosis, 1344 were male, 1284 were female, 2194 were Caucasian and 394 were African American. ( South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control, 2020).

Here are the comments:


The submission clearly discusses the five most common cancers found in the Greenville population. The response is inaccurate as a summary of the demographic characteristics of the population served is missing.

Suggestions on how I can improve this?  I am feeling pretty stupid at the moment.  Thanks .

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