To enhance Knowledge of being a ward nurse manager

Kindly assist me to DEVELOP A PORTFOLIO to enhance knowledge of being a ward nurse manager. Imagine that you are a nurse manager of a unit at the State Hospital.  Identify an area of weakness you would like to change.  Assist in giving detailed plan of action of how you are going to bring about this change.

The  PORTFOLIO of the entire change process will include

·        A critique of the Mission and Philosophy of the unit- eg-“To provide individualized, comprehensive treatments that enable our patients and their families to achieve a higher quality of life”.

o   Indicate the nursing theory/theories which is most applicable to the given philosophy

·        Identify the current staff complement and actual staffing of the unit

·        Clearly state the weakness identified

o   Provide justification for the importance of addressing that weakness

·        Develop plan of action to address problem

o   State management theories that would be applied while addressing problem – give rationale for your selection

o   Identify all resources that would be required

o   Develop budget for addressing problem

o   a letter that would have  to allow for implementing plan

o   Outline timeline for addressing problem

o   State outcome criteria

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