The 4 different Types of hypersensitivity reactions

Describe the mechanisms involved in the development of the 4 different types of hypersensitivity reactions and give examples 2. Describe the mechanism involved in the development of an allergic reaction 3. Describe the mechanism involved in the development of anaphylactic shock; what are the s/s and explain mechanism for each s/s

4. What is an emergency treatment for anaphylactic shock; how does it work

5. Define the following terms; which ones would you need to administer immunosuppressive drugs, why/why not a) Allograft b) Isograft c) Autograft d) xenograft

6. describe the different types of rejection and the time line involved 7. what is graft vs host disease; how does it develop/occur

8. What are HLA’s are why are they important when considering if a patient is a good match for a transplant

9. What is an autoimmune disease 10. List the different types of immunodeficiency

11. What is the difference between primary and secondary immunodeficiency and give examples of each 12. What are some effects a patient suffering from an immunodeficiency might experience

13. What is an opportunistic infection 14. What are some warning signs of a primary immunodeficiency 15. How is HIV transmitted from person to person 16. What cell type does the HIV infect and

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