Improving Nursing research

There is always room for improving Nursing research helps improve patient care and outcome. Falls are prevalent but 100% preventable in hospitals. These falls can lead to longer stays in the hospital or death. Over the years there have been innovations to improve patient safety to prevent falls such as hourly rounding, fall risk socks, signs, and wristbands, and bed and chair alarms.

With these safety items in place, falls still occur. At my hospital, we have had a 10% increase from last year in falls. Even though we have all these interventions in place for those who score high in fall risk, the number continues to go up. Utilizing PICOT and EBP, new initiatives can be put into place to make hospitals safe and prevent falls from occurring.

For example question is: does placing patients of the hospital in alarm belts prevent falls when compared to no alarm belts in a three-month period? “Fall detection is a widely researched topic” and ultimately is aimed at patient safety which is of the utmost importance for improving patient outcomes (Warrington et al., 2021, para. 6). “Globally, falls are the second leading cause of unintentional death injury” (Warrington et al., 2021, para. 1).

Wearable device technology, such as alarm belts, are effective and are low-cost to prevent falls (Warrington et al., 2021). Preventing falls can improve patient care safety and lower the statistic of being one of the leading causes of unintentional death.

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