How can you apply the acquired knowledge in your role as a PSW in the Community Setting?

1. How can you apply the acquired knowledge in your role as a PSW in the Community Setting?  Few weeks later, Grace saw John (Mrs. Cross son) who came to visit his mom.  After his visit, Mrs. Cross appeared to be anxious and concerned. Two days after she shared her concerns with Grace.  Apparently, John decided to move from BC to Toronto. John lost his job due to COVID and the family struggled financially.

Cross’sJohn has two kids. His wife didn’t work for many years. John lived in Barb’s house when they came from BC for the funeral.

He cannot stay there any longer. Mrs. Cross has a two-bedroom condo apartment. The apartment is rented. John is asking Mrs. Cross to allow his family to live there until they recover financially. He won’t be able to pay for the apartment, and asks Mrs.

Cross to support them money-wise. Mrs. Cross also mentioned that John asked her to change the Will, to make him her power of attorney (POA) and to write the apartment on his name.  One day, you overheard their phone conversation. John was yelling at Mrs. Cross. You heard him saying, “Who do you want to leave this apartment to?

I am your son, and it belongs to me. You have to help me and my kids.” Mrs. Cross made John her POA, but refused to change the Will and to write the apartment on his name. She allowed them to live in the apartment until he finds a job. She agreed to pay for the condo bills.

Mrs. Cross still suffers from pain. Her arthritis got worse, and she needs to ambulate with a walker. Grace also noticed that Mrs. Cross got prescribed a new BP medication. During the last medical check-up, her BP was 178/97.

On Monday, Grace was scheduled to assist Mrs. Cross with a shower and laundry. She enters the apartment @ 8 am and finds Mrs. Cross on the floor.  Grace noticed that the right leg is turned outwards and shorter than the other. Mrs. Cross is unconscious, and the right side of the face is not symmetrical to the left.



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