The Odyssey and Aeneid Who was Virgil

Durvin 2 The Odyssey and Aeneid Who was Virgil? Who was Homer? . What exactly is The Aeneid? What is The Odyssey? . How are the two works similar? How do they differ? . What do these works reveal about the cultures in which they were created? The influences of Ancient Greece and Rome are extensive in their effect in our modern era. From the awe inspired by their long-standing extravagant architecture, such as the Parthenon in Athens to the Colosseum in Rome. To our pseudo adoption of their governing practices.

They are known in antiquity as the founders of Western democracy, a concept many of us hold dear today. These great warriors and thinkers are regarded as the forefathers of Western thought and philosophy, which has profoundly affected the entire world for millennia. Two of the greatest respective writers of these bygone times are the reported authors of the Odyssey and the Aeneid.

Both stories are epic tails of heroism wrapped in the intrigue of dealing with supernatural beings. These champions perseverance through struggles caused by these sometimes-petty deities in both tales. Have found a way to stay relevant in modern media. As stories eternal, which promote the idea of the brave hero, after being disadvantaged by a tragic event, regrouping and carrying on towards inevitable victory.

The symbolism of the greatness that the average person can inspire to achieve through their dealings in everyday life. While I fully intend to answer every question directed by the rubric. I find the sequence of the questions to be out of order in the sense of timeline. I don’t believe one can answer whom Virgil is without first answering the inquiry of who Homer is first.

The works we read from Homer were completed nearly seven centuries before Virgil wrote his masterpiece. Which he felt was incomplete and had dictated in his last will and testaments to be destroyed upon his death, as was the standard Roman practice of the era. Homer is a controversial figure from Ancient Greece. He was suspected of having been born in the early eighth-century B.C.E. His possible

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