The pathophysiology of sepsis

Explain the pathophysiology of sepsis. What are the causes and risk factors of sepsis? What are the most urgent and important nursing interventions and patient education required in caring for a patient with sepsis?
What are the signs of systemic inflammatory response syndrome?
What is labs & diagnostics are required in the management of sepsis? Please list and explain why.
What types of antibiotics would be used in the management of sepsis?

Following questions on a separate document that will be submitted in Canvas. All references should be listed and cited accordingly. Please note that anything greater than 35% similarity in your submitted paperwork, will result in you having to REDO your paper. Your documents will be screened, so make sure that your work is your own. Keep it 1 page.

What types of of vasopressors would be used in the management of sepsis?
Keep it 1 page with references

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