Total parenteral natritoon (TPN) infuseng

  • Dunng the 7 aM to 7 PM shift, a patient has total parenteral natritoon (TPN) infuseng at 125��ℎ and IV fluads of NS infusing at 50��ℎ at 7 AM. An order is received to increase the � flads to 100��ℎ at 11��. The IV fluids are held for 2 hours while 40mEq of potassium chlonde in 150�� of �.� is infusd from 9 aM to 11��. The pariers consume 4 ar of hroth at 1 im. At 7 PM. the patent’ indwelling urinary catheter is impticd of 750��, the cheat tube iC T has drained 80��, and the nasogastric (NG) tube is emptied of 3601�� af gastric draimage Galculate the INCO during this shift using the following I80 shert

    student submitted image, transcription available

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